Production & Manufacturing Facilities
We not only run cutting edge manufacturing facilities but also hire only full-time manufacturing/production employees to maintain stable product manufacturing.
Operation of our quality control system is differentiated through systematically established Standard Behaviour Procedure.
Manufacturing Facilities
NO Name of Machine No. of Machines CAPA(day)
1 ULTRA HOMO MIXER 2,000L, 1,000L, 500L*2ea, 200L 5 8,400kg
2 SHAMPOO MIXER 3,000L 1 6,000kg
3 AGITATOR(Disper&Paddle) 800L, 150L, 400L 3 2,400kg
Capacity per an item
NO Name of Machine CAPA(day)
1 Tube(Lotion, Cream, Cleanser) 20,000ea
2 Pump, Cap Type Container(Toner, Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner, Cleanser) 16,000ea
3 Jar Type(Cream) 16,000ea
4 Pipette(Serum) 16,000ea
5 Mask Pack 48,000ea
6 Pad 7,000ea